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We are very excited to announce that Kuyper Cummings will be joining our ranks as our principle guitarist. After filling in live for some time and even making an appearance on our upcoming record, Kuyper has become an essential part of our evolving sound. Some of you may know of him from his other band, Cerulia, based out of Knoxville, TN, in which he plays guitar and serves as the band’s lead singer.

“I am STOKED to be joining a musical family that shares my same vision and dedication to creating quality music,” Cummings states. “It has been a fun transition going from watching these guys backstage to playing live with them as my friends onstage. As our next show approaches, I look forward to meeting fans and friends alike as a proud new member of Ethos.”

Kuyper is an incredible player, talented vocalist and has become a great friend; we are thankful to have such an asset join the Ethos family. Welcome, Kuyper!

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